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Whether you want lớn dive head first inkhổng lồ the lãng mạn world of a Jane Austen novel, surrounding yourself with Georgian architecture, or feel lượt thích a Roman for the day as you walk through one of the world’s best-preserved Roman buildings, a trip lớn Bath has something for every curious mind.

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A city founded in 1AD, & now a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bath is a thành phố that oozes history and culture from every stone. Whether you’re exploring the charming cobbled streets or enjoying a trip khổng lồ a traditional tearoom, visiting historic sites or gazing upon the iconic architecture, Bath could be the closest thing khổng lồ time-travel you can get!

So if you are ready to pachồng as much culture, history and Roman-inspired spa-time as possible into your trip lớn Bath, here’s a selection of unmissable things khổng lồ see & do…

1. The Roman Baths


The city’s premier attraction, the Roman Baths have been attracting visitors for 2,000 years!

Built around Britain"s only hot springs, the bathing complex still flows with natural hot water and gives you a real feel for Roman life. Step inlớn history & retrace the steps of so many before you. You can even take a sip of the water, which the Romans believed had healing powers! As well as the ruins & thermal baths themselves, the museum houses a selection of Roman artefacts, making this a number one-must-see spot for history lovers.

2. Thermae Bath Spa


For a spa experience unlượt thích any other, make sure you check-in for a day of Roman-style relaxation at the Thermae Bath Spage authority. The spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp uses the water from the three natural hot springs in Bath, the very same that supplies the Roman Baths.You can experience the historic tradition of taking these naturally warm waters for yourself, before snuggling up in fluffy trắng robes between relaxing treatments or visits to the aromatherapy rooms.

One of the most luxurious elements of this modern spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is the rooftop pool. Located next khổng lồ Bath Abbey, it gives unrivalled panoramic views over the đô thị – soak up the vista while you let your stresses melt away in the wonderfully warm water!

3. Bath Abbey


In the centre of the thành phố you can find Bath Abbey, which has a history spanning hundreds of years. Founded in the 7th century & built from the famous yellow Bath Stone, Bath Abbey is a chất lượng example of Gothic architecture.

Walk around this Grade I-listed parish church, soaking up the tranquillity whilst marvelling at the stained glass windows and intricate stonework – this magical place really has to lớn be seen to be believed. Discover more & explore the tower of the Abbey on a tour which guides you up the many stairs to the ‘behind the scenes’ areas. You can even sit behind the clochồng face and see inside the bell ringing chamber – giving you a new perspective sầu of the building as well as fantastic birds’-eye views of the city once you reach the top!

4. Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus

A great way of seeing the sights of the đô thị, the Hop-on Hop-off bus tour of Bath takes you around the city centre. You can see highlights such as Bath Abbey, as well as area’s picturesque Prior Park landscaped garden, Pulteney Bridge and the city’s Georgian gem, the Royal Crescent.

5. The Royal Crescent


Built between 1767 và 1775, the Royal Crescent is known for being one of the greademo examples of Georgian architecture in Britain. For fans of Jane Austen, historic kiến thiết or generally beautiful spaces, this is a must-see when in Bath. Designed in a perfect sweeping crescent around a tranquil lawn, you can also explore the nearby Royal Victoria Park, too. The perfect spot for a picnic or a family phokhổng lồ opportunity, khổng lồ walk around the Royal Crescent is lớn step baông chồng in time khổng lồ 18th century Britain.

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As well as being private homes, the Royal Crescent is now a luxury hotel và museum of Georgian life, which you can visit at No. 1 Royal Crescent.

6. The Bath Assembly Rooms

When completed in 1771, the Assembly Rooms were described as "the most noble & elegant of any in the kingdom". Nowadays, they give a fascinating insight inkhổng lồ where 18th century high-society would go to lớn enjoy music, dance và mingle. Once hosting some of the most luxurious evening balls and concerts in Britain, the Assembly Rooms were mentioned by Jane Austen in both Northanger AbbeyPersuasion.

After being used by the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War, the Assembly Rooms were reopened in 1938, and can be visited today when booked in advance.

7. The Fashion Museum


Located just below the Assembly Rooms, the Fashion Museum is a place bursting with examples of fashion, dress và accessories from throughout the centuries. Marvel at extravagant evening dresses from the 1800s, tailored coats and elegant gloves – you can even dress up in Regency or Victorian-style clothes for both children & adults. With exhibitions happening throughout the year that give sầu a real insight into lớn British history and culture, if there’s ever been a time and place khổng lồ live-out your period drama dreams, it’s here!

8. Pulteney Bridge

One of only four bridges in the world with shops along both sides, this bridge was designed lớn impress! Made for the fashionable crowds that would floông xã lớn the đô thị in the 1700s, Pulteney Bridge has become one of Bath’s most iconic spots. Classically designed, over-looking the weirs of Bath, this is one of the most photographed parts of the đô thị – a great spot for a postcard-perfect pic in addition khổng lồ a little retail therapy in true Georgian style!

9. The Circus

If there were a prize for the most satisfying arrangement of Georgian townhouses, The Circus in Bath might just snatch gold. A phối of three rows of houses, each of which curve sầu round to khung a perfect circle. Designed to be the same diameter as Stonehenge as a nod khổng lồ Bath’s connection to the ancient druids, The Circus reveals the importance of Britain’s Pagan past. Make sure to lớn keep an eye out for the emblems on the stonework, such as serpents và acorns, as you walk around this Georgian architectural gem.

10. The Jane Austen Centre

Fancy getting a deeper glimpse into the mind of Jane Austen? The Jane Austen Centre offers a permanent exhibition which will allow you discover more about the famous novedanh sách. Learn about her svào connection khổng lồ Bath, a city where she lived & that inspired her novels enormously.

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One of the most exciting and interactive sầu elements of this museum is the dressing up box! With a selection of Regency style dress, coats, bonnets, hats and parasols, there’s nothing stopping you from indulging in the ultimate Jane Austen-inspired photoshoot & unleashing your inner Elizabeth Bennett or Mr Darcy!

Attached khổng lồ the museum is the Regency Tea Room, a great spot for a British bite lớn eat. Serving a special Ladies’ Afternoon Tea, Tea with Mr Darcy và a Lady Catherine’s Proper Cream Tea, there are several other British favourites và Bath classics on their menu for you to lớn sample too.