Oh My Venus Tập 11


The scandal is revealed, will our leading man continue khổng lồ follow his Grandmother’s wish that he be CEO of the company?

Oh My Venus Episode 11 Recap

We start the episode with Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) being told by Director Choi lớn unleash the story about Young Ho’s secret identity as John Kim. Woo Sik calls Manager Go to release the story. The press goes wild.

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Our leading man Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) shows up at the door of our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) who was just leaving to look for him. The scandal has broken, the world knows that John Kim is Young Ho. Joo Eun offers Young Ho a refuge without hesitation. She puts him khổng lồ bed. The psychosomatic knee bothers Young Hoo when Joo Eun leaves the bedroom.

Joo Eun calls our favorite boxer, Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon), lớn let him know that Young Ho is at her place. Joon Sung is grateful & shares that Young Ho is lượt thích a father to him. We get a taste of Joon Sung’s backstory. He was injured with thugs after him when Young Ho found him. He took care of him though Joon Sung was not grateful and suspicious of his motives initially. As Joon Sung lays on the floor of the gym, a woman lies down next khổng lồ him. It is Jang Hee Jin, star of commercials, who tells Joon Sung she’ll lie next lớn him quietly và offer tư vấn that way. He doesn’t understand how she can vì chưng that without knowing the issue. She tells him pain is universal và the reason why it happen is not as important as having someone to support you through it. Much better interaction for Hee Jin, more rational friend và less fan girl stalker.

The next morning Joon Sung và manager, Kim Ji Wong (Henry), are at Joo Eun’s house. They all have breakfast together. Joo Eun tells her men that it’s time for hard chip core exercise, her way. They exercise with other ladies wearing large visors to lớn remain incognito.

Darling exchange when Joo Eun heads to work leaving Young Ho behind at the apartment. She tells him she’ll go make the money.

Manager Min takes Young Ho to lớn the house. Young Ho apologizes khổng lồ his father for the scandal. Young Ho’s Grandmother decides Young Ho must marry blind date girl & instructs Manager Min to help make this happen.

Joo Eun learns that Joon Sung’s mother was abused by her former husband. She killed him & went khổng lồ jail. She gave birth lớn Joon Sung in prison và gave him up for adoption. Joo Eun is filled with empathy for the hard path Joon Sung’s mother has walked.

Joon Sung leaves a coat for his mother. She rejects the gift. Both of them are upset.

Director Choi asks Young Ho’s father to lớn join him. Young Ho’s father declines. Hmm, that looked suspiciously like support for Young Ho. 

Young Ho gets a surprise when Joo Eun’s best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji) drops off her son for an impromptu babysitting session. Young Ho is wary but agrees.

Hyun Woo and Joo Eun discuss the fact that Joon Sung’s mother is also Hyun Woo’s nanny. Hyun Woo knows that Joon Sung’s mother is beaten by her man. Joo Eun is not happy that Joon Sung’s mother refuses khổng lồ reengage with her son. As they exit the coffee shop, they run into Hyun Woo’s ex-husband who broke the story revealing Young Ho’s secret identity and Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young), Joon Eun’s boss.

Young Ho and Joo Eun have a xinh tươi cuddle while Hyun Woo’s son naps. Hyun Woo is grateful that Young Ho helped by babysitting.

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Soo Jin and Woo Sik discuss that he mix her client, Young Ho, up. She’s not happy with him. She asks him khổng lồ leave her apartment.

At work, Soo Jin asks Joo Eun if John Kim / Young Ho is the reason why she lost so much weight. She instructs Joo Eun to support the 61st anniversary celebration.

When Joo Eun arrives home, Young Ho exits the bathroom his sculpted chest on display in his robe. Joo Eun’s thoughts turn khổng lồ the potential interactions she & Young Ho could enjoy. Joo Eun tries lớn tempt Young Hoo with a kiss. He resists. Then he surprises her by flipping her onto the bed. Then Young Ho & Joo Eun have a kiss. It is interrupted by Manager Min. Bad timing, Manager Min, bad timing.

It’s time for the 61st anniversary. Everyone is there…except Young Ho.

Joo Eun searches for him & finds him alone in a room, his knee obviously hurting him. She tells him to lớn buck up, get up and face his destiny.

Everyone waits for Young Ho. Finally Young Ho’s arrival is announced. The double doors mở cửa and Young Ho is revealed. Joo Eun is off khổng lồ the side supporting her man.

My Thoughts* The strength of this episode was the support Joo Eun provided Young Ho and the sense of family Joo Eun, Young Ho, Joon Sung & Ji Wong have. That is worth watching and engaging.* Young Ho laid low during the initial scandal period. I’ve been clear that I don’t care about the scandal – how it affects the company, Grandmother và Young Ho’s father, và could block Young Ho from the job he doesn’t want, Chairman of his Grandmother’s company. Nothing changes this episode. The scandal that Young Ho is John Kim has no punch. Who cares?* Joo Eun and Young Ho turned it around, she saved và protected him. I loved how Joo Eun took care not only of Young Ho but also Joo Sung and Ji Wong. Her teasing to lớn Young Ho that she would be the bread winner for them was cute. I liked that Joo Eun did not break any of Young Ho’s confidences when her trùm cuối grilled her for details. She gave him the pep talks, she kept him exercising và engaging. She provided the same màn chơi of support for him that he did for her early in the series. Nice! I lượt thích the turn around for this couple. She is surging khổng lồ become his equal. The adds a richness lớn them. The stylist seems khổng lồ have a fascination with hoods for Young Ho, he sports the hoodie hood on his head quite a bit in this series. I liked Young Ho’s willingness to lớn babysit, after it was clear he had no choice. I liked that he teased Joo Eun about getting romantic, let her make the first move, then flipped her on the bed for the slow deliberate kiss. Nice!* Joon Sung & Ji Wong supported Young Ho. Hee Jin’s interaction with with Joon Sung in the gym had a caring vibe và she didn’t seem desperate and childish like she did in the pool encounter in the last episode,. I liked finding out more about Joon Sung with the flashback of how Young Ho & Joon Sung met. Too bad Joon Sung’s heart was hurt when his mother declined his gift.

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Soo Jin told Woo Sik she knew that he knew Young Ho’s alternate identity long before he brought it khổng lồ the world’s attention.  I may have said this before…these two do not interest me.* The sixth tuy nhiên of the OST has been released “Love lượt thích That” by Kei. Check it out via this links or the embedded đoạn phim below: