The phrases “on foot” and “by foot” are seemingly quite similar. However, the use of the prepositions “on” & “by” cause these two phrases to have slightly different meanings or uses. Therefore, in this article, we will be going over which phrase is the correct one lớn use.

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On Foot Or By Foot – Which Is Correct?

Generally speaking, the phrase “on foot” is considered lớn be the correct option. This is because we use the preposition “on” to lớn describe movements or actions that involve utilizing body toàn thân parts, whereas “by” is a tool lớn describe travel, like travelling “by foot”.on foot or by footWalking or running are an kích hoạt using our body, so this action takes place “on foot”. On the other hand, we can travel by plane, by vehicle, or by boat, while we can also send letters by post or by email. Therefore, we can say that we travel “by foot”.

We essentially move while our feet make contact with the ground và are, therefore, supported by our feet. This makes the term “on foot” more of a literal or accurate mô tả tìm kiếm of this action.In the case of these two phrases, “on” is used lớn mean the object, surface, or means of travel atop something else, while “by” can mean the method of transportation that we use. Because of this, traveling “on” something & using something lớn travel “by” can produce the same meaning, with a different grammatical construction.This means that both of the phrases “on foot” and “by foot” are considered correct, depending on how we use them in a sentence. However, “on foot” is often considered the correct choice, as it is used far more commonly in the English language. While these two phrases technically can be used interchangeably, it is often preferred in a professional or school setting lớn use “on foot”.

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“On Foot”

We should consider the phrase “on foot” khổng lồ mean walking or running somewhere, rather than using any other means of transportation lượt thích a bicycle or car. “On foot” is the more frequently used expression, stemming from the fact that “on” is used for actions involving body toàn thân parts.

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We will now go over some examples that highlight the use of the phrase “on foot” in a sentence:

The burglar robbed the store và got away on foot.The pair continued the remainder of their journey on foot.Some people traveled by car, while others came on foot.Did you travel on foot or did you take a taxi?The best way khổng lồ explore the downtown area is on foot.From here, we plan khổng lồ explore the countryside on foot.I don’t care much for riding bicycles; I’d much rather go on foot.

“By Foot”

Despite the fact that “by foot” is the more uncommonly used phrase, this does not necessarily mean it is completely incorrect. This is because the preposition “by” is used to lớn discuss a means of transportation. Therefore, we can use “by foot” to discuss our mode of transport in certain situations.We will now look over the following examples that showcase how the phrase “by foot” could be appropriately used:The best way khổng lồ cross the bridge is not by car or by bicycle, but by foot.The cowboys traveled by horseback và by foot to get to lớn Texas.The secluded beach is only accessible by foot, through the forest path.There is access by foot or by bicycle, but not by car.How long does it take to get there by foot?I wasn’t sure if I should travel there by foot or by biking.You traveled all this way by foot?

Which Phrase Is Used The Most?

As we can see when looking at the data that is provided by Google Ngram Viewer, the phrase “on foot” is used far more commonly than the phrase “by foot”. This has been a consistent trend from the beginning of the 1900s, into the present day.on foot or by foot english usageThis more than likely has an abundance to vày with the fact that in a professional or educational setting, the phrase “on foot” is considered to lớn be correct. Therefore, in published works, it would be more likely that we would see the use of the phrase “on foot”, rather than “by foot”.

Final Thoughts

The phrase “on foot” is generally considered the more accurate or correct phrase lớn use, as it discusses the act of walking or running. The phrase “by foot” is used far less, and is typically only used khổng lồ discuss our feet being used as a mode of transportation.

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