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Ho Chi Minch has a considerable number of gay saunas which also serve sầu as massage spas for men. Most venues are foreigner-friendly.

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near Ben Thanh hao Market - District 1

lively area near the famous market, full of shops and cafés

near Notre Dame Cathedral - Dist' 1

great location, near major sights and walking distance of the đô thị centre



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Coronavirut Update: Please note that some venues may be closed in line with local government advice. Please kiểm tra the venue"s own website for the lademo opening hours & information before making your journey. Stay safe và follow the local authority"s guidance in order khổng lồ minimise the risk of transmission of the vi khuẩn.


A newly opened gay spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp in Ho Chi Minc, 3 Some Spa specialises in traditional mas sa with a sauna, jacuzzi & titanium salternative text bath. Weekends are bustling, with men wishing to lớn enjoy the sauna, make friends, và lớn generally relax và have a good time.

The spa is clean, temperate, & welcoming, where you can help yourself khổng lồ không tính phí water, herbal tea, coffee and fruit. Located next to Saigon Zoo & Botanical Garden, & ten minutes from Ben Tkhô giòn Market.

near Notre Dame Cathedral - Dist' 1

great location, near major sights & walking distance of the đô thị centre

Cruisy little gay saumãng cầu in an attractive sầu Moroccan-styled décor. Ngoc Diep (formerly “Tkhô nóng Dao”) features lockers, dry sauna, steam room, massage service, lounge area.

Good-looking, friendly crowd. ND Spage authority is located on a little alley – go all the way down lớn the end và look for the small sign.

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Tkhô hanh Binc (formerly “Binc Minh”) is relatively new local gay saumãng cầu with jacuzzi, dry saumãng cầu, steam room, & showers on all levels, small TV lounge and dark room.

This dimly-lit saumãng cầu gets busiest in the evenings. The crowd is friendly & mostly local guys in their 20’s.

Located just a 20-minutes’ drive sầu from city centre, Thai Long Spaoffers a range of saumãng cầu và spa làm đẹp facilities including a dry saumãng cầu,steam room, dark room & showers.

A range of mát xa services are available, including body andfacial massages. Skilled và friendly staff are ready tooffer a warm welcome.

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