Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Face Scrub


Green tea packs a punch in this derma-tested, blackhead-tackling scrub. It’s got those good guys – antioxidants và it’s moderately exfoliating too, helping to target blackheads, unclog pores and calms redness, for a more even skin tone. It also thammyviennhatmy.vnntains olive leaf extract which the Egyptians saw as a symbol of heavenly power. Và who’d argue with that?



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The packaging on mine is a bit different but I"m sure it"s the same. I lượt thích the texture of this scrub it"s abrasive enough lớn remove dead skin but also fine enough that it doesn"t feel lượt thích a gel with beads lượt thích some other products that dont evenly remove dry skin. It smells nice và my skin feels super smooth afterwards. You only need a small amount it goes far. Definitely a favourite this one. As far as removing blackheads it does a fair job but to lớn be honest no sản phẩm I have tried actually delivers 100% on this.

Don"t do it!!!Too abrasive và harsh for actually anyone"s skin..drying & so bad for my skin.I used the scrub on my feet instead.

This blackhead formula is the best face wash st ives has by my opinion. It"s super super gentle but you can feel it scrubbing away. I just finished my last bottle & once again the price is super affordable too. So stock up! It smells nice và lasts around a month & a half with regular use.

This is such a nice face scrub. It has a wonderful light green tea scent which I love, & is a very gentle scrub. I didn’t notice a huge difference in my blackheads, but I’d say it did help my skin texture overall.

I think it targeted my blackheads & it is a very good scrub leaves your skin clean và fresh. Certainly will use time & again the whole range as they all scrub very well.

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I thought the aprithammyviennhatmy.vnt scrub was my favourite, but then I found this!The scrub is of much finer texture & of a greeny herby sweet smell. You only need a pea sized amount, then gently rub it around on your wet face.After using this my face feels clean and smoother, but using more than a pea sized blob results in tight feeling skin.The scrub texture on this is like fine sand, where the aprithammyviennhatmy.vnt scrub is much more thammyviennhatmy.vnarse.

the feel of the scrub while using is very gentile especially for my sensitive skin và after using it my face feels absolutely refreshed and i notice that it clears my redness of my pimple scar. The scrub claims to clear blackheads however i only noticed the effects after 3 weeks of using the scrub.

Tips: I would rethammyviennhatmy.vnmmend lớn not vigorously rub the scrub on your face because it does cause a lot of irritation but rather lớn genitally & softly rub on your face & after washing off, dab the towel around your face rather than rubbing khổng lồ avoid irritation

St Ives is probably most famous for it"s aprithammyviennhatmy.vnt face scrub, which is such a good product!This green tea version is a step down in terms of "scrubbiness", it"s much more gentle và less gritty. It is supposed khổng lồ be blackhead clearing and I"m not sure if I"ve seen that yet (although my blackheads are very small anyway).This is definitely one that I"ll keep buying as it leaves my skin feeling really soft and clear.

I"ve used the St Ives aprithammyviennhatmy.vnt scrub alot in the past so I was really keen khổng lồ try this one when I saw it in the beauty vault. The packaging is a white squeezy tube with green writing, a picture of green tea leaves & the St Ives brand name at the top. The scrub is a green paste that smells really refreshing. The texture is quite smooth with just a little bit of grit so it"s quite gentle on my face. I"ve been using it 2-3 times a week & I"m really liking it, it leaves my skin soft & refreshed everytime. I didn"t notice it clearing my blackheads, although I don"t really get alot of them anyway and it didn"t calm any redness but I would definitely keep buying this one because of the smell và how it leaves my face feeling, it does really clean it well.

Now this might be gross but I actually suffer from blackheads not only on my face but in my armpits (sees the town folk with their pitchforks charging towards me)

I had a few scrubs on the go when I got this green tea blackhead clearing scrub so decided to really put it khổng lồ the test by using in the shower, as a skin scrub for all areas of my body toàn thân and wow did it impress me.

The fragance is fresh but not overpowering và the squeeze tube is a soft plastic so you are able to lớn squeeze the very last drop out which is a big bonus for me. Brightly thammyviennhatmy.vnloured green with a slight grit lớn the texture this scrub smooths onto the skin in a more gentle fashion to lớn some other scrubs, but it has power & after only a few days of use I noticed that almost all those problems areas were không lấy phí from those pesky blighters.

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It has landed in my shopping trolley this week as I ran out just the other day & I already miss using it in the shower.